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Kaleidoscope of colours

NB: The photos of my Kaleidoscope of Colour Quilt has been taken down due to an opportunity for publication.  Thank you for your understanding and I will keep you posted as to when and where you can see this gorgeous Quilt published xx

Introducing “The Kaleidoscope of Colour Quilt

My latest commissioned Quilt is just finished – the stunning  “Kaleidoscope of Colour Quilt”.

It was a privilege to deliver this Quilt to it’s owner this week, and am sooooo happy she absolutely adores it………….  I’m going to keep her identity a secret just a little bit longer as I’m going to play a little game on my Facebook page tomorrow !!  This bright and happy  Queen Sized Quilt (80×100″) has been the largest project I have undertaken to date and Quilted myself – it did help that my new sewing machine arrived in the middle of creating the Quilt top (thank goodness ).



It is so rewarding to see the design come to life…..  The Quilt top was inspired by  “Postcards from Sweden” by Jeliquilts  who was firstly inspired by an IKEA postcard.  I have extended the original pattern and altered the pattern of colours so that is still has a “kaleidoscope”  effect!



and from this sheet of graph paper coloured in – The “Kaleidoscope of Colour Quilt”  became this stunning, rainbow Queen Size Quilt.



and it is just stunning, bright and happy.

Stand by for further posts as it has inspired me to show you how this Quilt was created…………   From labelling the 38 Kona cotton solids by Robert Kaufman Fabrics (all purchased from “The Fabric Shack” in the USA, cutting the correct number of squares and triangles from each colour to form the blocks, more labelling of rows and columns ………..and the final decision to Straight line Quilt this gorgeous Quilt in neutral Grey (Gutermann thread).

Please indulge me in showing you more photos of the Kaleidoscope of Colour Quilt ………….


and another……..

and another:


Kaleidoscope of Colour Quilt Details are as follows:

Size:  80×100″  Queen Size Quilt.

Top:  Traditional Half Square Triangles, inspired by  “Postcards from Sweden” by Jeliquilts.  Fabric is an assortment of  38 Robert Kaufman Fabrics Kona Cotton Solids

Back and Binding:  Robert Kaufman Fabrics Kona Cotton Solids Navy.

Batting:  100%  Cosy Cotton.

Thread:  Neutral Grey 038 Gutermann Thread on top, and Navy 1044 Gutermann Sulky Thread.

Quilting:  Straight Line using a Walking foot.

Thank you for enjoying this Quilt………  Stay tuned for how this Quilt was made !!

Leanne xx

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