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A Teachers Gift with loads of student love !

sewnbyleanne_teachersquilt_play ground

This Teachers Gift is full of Student love !!

Their teacher is going on Maternity Leave and the creation of this Quilt started with two dear friends (Melissa and I)  chatting and coming up with this AWESOME Baby Shower Gift from the kids.

sewnbyleanne_teachersgift_play ground

Each Student has chosen an 8 inch square colour and letter – and drawn a picture with Fabric textas !!  Aren’t they clever ???

sewnbyleanne_teachersgift_overall view


Once each Student had finished their square – then it was my turn to see how they would all come together.  Melissa had tried putting the squares in alphabetical order, but there was a little too much red together – so hence it was decided to be “quirky” and mix the letters up !!  As not all the Squares, were “quilters square ;-)”  I have used the sashing in between to adjust the sizes !!

Melissa also found this gorgeous ABC border print – Alphabet Soup !!  Which has just completed the Quilt top beautifully.  I’m so happy with it – Bright, cheerful and fun – all the characteristics you want in a little one’s play mat !  The children saw their work today in person and are super excited to be giving it to their teacher this week.

The playmat is an awesome size 130x160cm !!

The Back you ask, looks like this……….  The gender of the little one is unknown – so we went Red !! and the strip of Alphabet soup brings a bit of the front to the back !


I have used the delicious Aurifil Dove (front) and white (back) cotton to Quilt.  We decided on Spirals as it softens the squares a little and gives lots of texture to the quilt.



These Close ups give a closer look at the Quilting and the gorgeous pictures that the students have drawn.  Can you imagine being the little one having tummy time ????  They are going to have soooo much fun !!!  And be very stimulated 😉

I can’t wait for the students reactions to their teacher receiving their gift this week !!  Enjoy !!

I so enjoy these Quilts, that are designed as you go, not sure what the final design will be, but this has been such a HAPPY Quilt !! n it makes one smile when you look at it !!

Thank you students for the opportunity to frame your work.






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Kids and Sewing – School holidays


Kids and Sewing.

Well it is school holidays here for two weeks.  It is when I try desperately to balance Sewing and the kids needs and desires !!  Do I achieve this balance ??  I guess the answer to this fabulous question depends on the day, hour, and minute.  When it all goes pear shaped – do I reassess – yes;  do I have the solution – No; and do I try to achieve too much – always.

Kids and Sewing

For years now, I have been a list person.  There is a LONG LONG to do list, a weekly to do list and a daily to do list.  There are many days, even when the older three are at school, when I look at my daily to do list and think – well that was ambitious to even think I was going to achieve ALL that !!  So I have tried a different tact these holidays – to make the kids feel like they are the centre of my universe – which of course they are (always) 😉  and so that I feel like I’m not getting behind in my orders and quilting, and therefore getting VERY stressed, snappy and those those “wonderful” characteristics of a frazzled Mum.

I have forced myself to choose 3 things that I want to do,  so – whether it be, making that binding, making dinner early or cleaning the bathrooms – only three of my jobs come off my daily list, to my essential list.  The kids also get to choose one thing from their school holiday wish list each day (within reason – my three year old, has visiting a police station and going to the moon on his wish list !)

So far we have been able to complete their wishes, and most days I have been able to do some work, and the older three know they haven’t been forgotten – or Mum hasn’t disappeared into the “land of quilting” (as my 8 year old calls it!).

I don’t know what it is like in your home, but the first few days of the school holidays seem to be the most challenging for my crew – each one getting used to the fact they have three siblings in their face 24 hours a day without the structure and constant stimulation of school!!  The lounge room couch seems to shrink as they all want to sit in the same space !!  What the ??????  After a couple of days, they have found their own little niche, their own games to play together – these holidays it seems to be  – the tickling war !!

Now after Week One I see that we have accomplished quite a bit !


Fairy Gardens have been created……..  with many thanks to Kylie from Little Moo Designs.  I purchased these adorable fairies in November and have stored them away for a quiet time – and little Miss found them.  She spent hours in the garden playing and was very excited to hear a fairy or too chatting to them !! Ahhh !  It is great to see her imagination explode with delight !


We have taken a couple of walks down by the river to see the ducks, and the enormous rapids (Hmm The Yarra doesn’t have rapids – but in my children’s eyes the ripples were rapids!  They will get a shock one day if they ever want to go White Water Rafting in Tully, Qld!).


Master O even wrote his own name for the first time !!  Yay !!


Playgrounds have been found along the way !!


Cousins have come to play!!  While the boys were outside playing, Miss H and I created this foxy Cushion.  It is a promise I made her last holidays, and we and so much fun creating it.  Thank you Elizabeth Hartman for your gorgeous foxy pattern !

And what have I created you ask – hmm title kids and sewing – well I was so excited when one of the members of the Quilt Club Australia FB group posted “the Umbrella lady” from JMZ Blond on Craftsy, that I just had to try it.  I have developed a real love for paper pieced quilting, finding it allows you to work with small pieces with ease.




I really love this pattern – and find it has so much scope to imprint your own personality into it !!  This little one is going to a very special lady !!

Although the shortened and child involved lists have worked for one week, there is no guarantee it will work for another – but here’s hoping (fingers crossed!).

There are many other projects and quilts on the go, but I haven’t been able to photograph outside for a couple of days due to Melbourne’s inclement weather !!  Stay tuned as when the Sun comes out – there will be loads of pictures for me to Show and Tell !

I hope holidays are going well for everyone !!




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