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Origami Bag and Clutch – great pattern !

The Origami bag and clutch Pattern designed by Lil Moo Designs – has lots of style and versatility.



I was lucky enough to test this pattern for her !

I love the “Peek-a-boo”  triangle on each side and it gives the bag and clutch such a unique personality !  When I read the pattern, I instantly knew I had to use this Robert Kaufman Fox fabric by Andie Hanna.  The foxes fit perfectly ! The Denim suited the foxes perfectly also.

The Origami Bag

Origami Bag_lilmoodesigns_sewnbyleanne


The Pattern has great versatility.  You can use leather, cotton, velvet or vinyl -each fabric completely changing the look of the bag- depending where you are going !  The strap can be fabric (denim) as used here or dress it up with a chain !!  The options are endless !

The Origami bag fits a purse, keys, little diary (yes I still use a small paper diary lol!!), lip balm and phone !!  A great sensible size, where you can find things at the bottom of the bag 😉

The Origami Clutchorigamiclutch1_lilmoodesigns_sewnbyleanne origamiclutch2_lilmoodesigns_sewnbyleanne


The Origami Clutch fits my phone, lipstick, tissues and $20.  Enough to take when going out at night with hubby.

As always Lil Moo Designs Pattern for the Origami Bag and Clutch is easy to follow, great sewing tips and produces and great result that you will use again and again !!

The pattern is available at Lil Moo Designs Pattern Shop  You won’t be disappointed !!

These bags are available in my Sewn by Leanne on Etsy from 15th June, 2015.

Enjoy your sewing.



Disclaimer:  I have written this post as I have patterned tested for Little Moo Designs and love the design and pattern.  I do NOT gain any finacial benefit from this post in anyway !

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Sunday Wrap up


The Sunday Wrap Up ….

I’m starting a series of Sunday afternoon wrap ups, where I will be showing you what has been going on at Sewn by Leanne.

This week involved Quilt Tops, Quilt Blocks, receiving a gorgeous handmade gift for my daughter from KBS Designs, working with gorgeous fabrics, organising an 11 year olds birthday and just enjoying being a Mum.

Mothers Day 2015


There were lots of cuddles and kisses this morning, a sleep in and gorgeous sweet pressies to greet me today !!  Gifts that they had made at school and kinder, along with mothers day stall purchases and of course shh – my favourite Maltesers ! (Chocolate without being overtly chocolate!)  Candles, Zipper Purse, key ring, pens, chore vouchers – I can cash in on anytime – and cards to treasure …. all making a great Mothers Day.

Together with dear friends we spent the day, playing and chatting – with soup, bread and chocolate pudding !  Thank you <3

Quilt tops

This weeks aim was to finish 4 quilt tops that 3 gorgeous clients have requested !  The first two Quilt tops are part of my favourite Equilateral triangle Cot Quilt Range.  I love how the different colours pop, especially outside in the gorgeous sunshine that popped through the clouds in Melbourne earlier in the week 🙂  The colours are all from Robert Kaufman’s Kona Cotton Solid Range.


See how the second Quilt has the warmer colours – with a touch of Amber, Latte and Chocolate !!  These Quilts are stunning to brighten up a nursery <3.

sewnbyleanne_equilateraltrianglecotquilt2The third Quilt top is filled with loads of character….  Each fabric gives each fox, it’s very own personality ….

sewnbyleanne_foxyquiltAll the fabrics were created using fabrics within my stash, oranges, yellows and reds are some of my faves !  With a couple of contrasting colours to liven up the “foxy pack”.  Can’t wait for my client to receive this Quilt 😉  I have used Elizabeth Hartman’s Fox block Pattern to create the faces, and altered the sashing and layout to fit the Quilt dimensions I am working towards.


This King Single Quilt top is even more stunning and glamorous in person.  I have seen this Michael Miller’s Glitz Fabric range in online fabric stores frequently, but now having seen it in person – it is simply stunning.  Many would say “No, don’t put spots and chevrons together”  but I think these work perfectly.  And the white sashing allows this little girl to treasure her Quilt into her teens and beyond.  The pinwheel blocks create interest amongst the Squares.

Alice in Wonderland Clock by KBS Designs



On Friday this gorgeous clock arrived for my daughter and it will look AWESOME on her wall.  Being in First Grade, she is obsessed with the time at present.  When I saw Alice I just knew she would be a perfect fit into Miss C’s Room.  Karyn has gorgeous high quality bespoke decor for all ages – make sure you go and have a look at her page  here !

Quilt Blocks

This week’s block was “The Busy Block” at Blossom Heart Quilts.  I am loving learning how to paper piece !  This block has an amazing transformation depending on how you organise the four parts of the block.


In the end I choose the third arrangement, as I liked the way the light blue frames the “leaves”.  This Busy block would make an amazing Quilt, with the impression of leaves and wonky stars !


My Hive’s May Queen Choose “The Double Star” block for her choice in greens and aquas.  This is one of my favourite blocks so far that we have created.  I am excited to send this one to my Queen and look forward to seeing her final Quilt top.
sewnbyleanne_doublestar_mayqueenAnd as I LOVED creating Elizabeth Hartman’s Foxes so much, here is a close up of a FOXY Fox !



Last night as I ran out of Kona cotton solid White – I played with a few scraps – and created this “Sweetheart Block”  it is not finished yet -I aim to get it to 12.5″, making it “Three hearts in One”.  but we will see how I go !  it is a bit fiddly with half inch blocks – and might be better as a paper pieced block – but I shall let you know !


I hope you have enjoyed the Sunday Wrap up – I hope to make this series a weekly post, so that you can see what is being created and designed at Sewn by Leanne.  Again I hope everyone enjoyed their Mothers Day.  Give your Mum a huge Hug……..

Blessings as always,




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