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Summer holidays


Life has been busy, chaotic and loads of fun so far these Summer Holidays.  With 4 beautiful children life is NEVER dull, and NEVER predictable !!  sewnbyleanne_summerholidays_children

These 4 kids are having a BLAST, and we have done a lot of firsts these holidays as our youngest is now 4 1/2.  We have gone for bush walks and seen small waterfalls and been to the beach without Daddy.  I have always been reluctant to do either of these things by myself with the kids “just in case”, but the older two are older and are stronger swimmers.  They are also the cautious ones (thankfully!).  Also, the youngest is now capable of walking further and less likely to run into the ocean with NO fear !


The Beach was so much fun – however I took the cautious approach and went to a Bay beach – very small waves – even ripples some would call them !!  I thought this way the kids would build up there confidence with the sand, shells and I could keep track of the 4.  They built sandcastles, jumped waves, had ice-cream and just generally had a BALL !!


Quilting tends to take a backseat over January.  I sneak it in at night or when the kids have settled to watch a movie occasionally.  However I have managed to start/ finish some projects along the way.  Somewhere in the world this week or the next, a lovely lady in the US will receive a parcel from me !!  This photo just gives you a sneak peek at the colours contained.  I love Emma Jean Jansen’s Terra Australia range and when it come to internationally swaps I love to send a little with them – as a little piece of Australia too !


I have almost completed my first commissioned Quilt for the 2016.  This gorgeous Quilt top and the Anne Krelle Fun Robots as the backing will look stunning in little boys nursery <3.


And of course January here, brings with it another birthday and being spoilt by my family xx


Thank you everyone for your constant support and I am so looking forward to the blessings that 2016 will bring xx

Leanne 🙂

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Mothers Day 2015

Mothers Day here always brings mixed emotions.  I love being a Mum, revelling in being woken up with kisses and cuddles.  Showered with homemade and school made gifts, mixed with little trinkets they have bought from the school Mothers Day stall…….  Coffee cups, necklaces, pens and notepads have been among the delights so far, Bless them !  They are so excited as I open the presents…..  hang as they open the presents for me… saying I can help Mum !!

However there is always a part of me, that misses my Mum and the Mothers Days we spent together….. and what it would’ve been like had she met her grandchildren etc..  In my heart I know she is with all four and me, but it is a day that I still battle focusing on the fun, rather than the sadness.  Thank you Mum for everything.

As kids we used to get up early for the traditional toast and cuppa making, so Mum could have it in bed, and then we would go to my grandmothers to celebrate Mothers Day together.  My Mum would get excited to receive the “art” we had made at school, and still had a lot of it when we cleaned out the garage years later !!

It is not exactly how I planned to start this blog post on Mothers Day tutorials but it gives you a little insight of the person I am……..  Here are some great tutorials to make something for your Mum for Mothers Day – it is not too late…….  and HANDMADE IS ALWAYS FROM THE HEART…. <3

1.  Kylie from Little Moo Designs…. has put out a great tissue cover pattern for free !!  Such a gorgeous pattern for a stunning gift !



2. This one is also from Kylie at Little Moo Designs ……  make a set of Oven Mitts and Hand Towel  “The Kitchen Essentials Pack” ….. Always handy and a VERY quick sew !



3.  Jane at Want it, Need it, Quilt it has a great pattern for a small bob bag……  This is a great little bag for your little odds and ends !


4.  The Inspired Home….. a great blog for ideas …….  has a great tutorial for the kids using handprints and footprints on Canvas…. so simple, yet so effective !


5.  And have a look at these gorgeous Felt Dahlia Brooches  …… simply stunning !



I hope these tutorials have given you lots of ideas to spoil your Mum this Mothers Day…..  Remember please to give her a hug and say “I Love you”  …. you never know how long you have with each other … treasure every moment .





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Happy Memories

Happy Memories are something to treasure.

This post is more personal than most I have written or will write, and gives you an insight to our family and why Sewn by Leanne has been a little quiet for the past two weeks, as I concentrate on our family.

I am so glad our kids got to know and love their Beautiful Grand-dad.  I have been waiting to write this post for the past week, but it is all too emotional, but as I sit and think about how the funeral is going to be on Friday – I treasure the happy memories, my husband and I and our kids have with him.



Grand-dad was fantastic at entertaining the kids.  Bryan would tell them stories – and see how silly he could make them before one of them said “Grand-dad, I don’t think this is a true story or I don’t think that’s possible !”.  He loved leading them up the garden path.

Crib, was his game of choice.  Grand-dad taught our eldest when he was 5, and by the time he was 6, Grand-dad did not like to be beaten !!  I would watch  Grand-dad, my husband and our eldest playing cards – and they were peas in a pod.  Saying very similar things, in a similar way……  the genetics is very strong (shhh!  don’t tell hubby that!)

We live 8 hours away from his house, but he would drive down for birthdays when he was well.  And when Grand-dad arrived no-one knew exactly how long he would stay……  he would stay until the noise and consistency of four children got to him!  But that was ok…… He was a pleasure to have around!

I often said, Grand-dad is easy to please, as long as there is a cup of tea nearby !!  Melbourne is well known for it’s coffee and cafes, but being a tea drinker – he was not impressed.  We would go to cafes and the tea was just not up to scratch – hot water not hot enough, the wrong brand of black tea etc……….  He gave up on tea eventually at cafes and ordered coffee !!

My parents have already passed on to heaven, so I have always been grateful for the love, attention and pride Grand-dad had for our children.  My Grandparents were a huge part of my upbringing, which I loved.  When we told our children that Grand-dad had gone to heaven our two oldest boys were sad as our youngest will probably not remember the fun times and cuddles from Grand-dad – however he will as we will always keep his memories alive by telling him the funny stories we had !

We love you Grand-dad, Rest now, and know that you are loved by your family, and will be with us always in our hearts <3.  The tears on Friday will be because we miss your quirky sayings, laughter and smile xxx

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