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Spring is here !!


Spring is one of those seasons that just make you smile !!  And today it was just beautiful to see the Sun come through the clouds and feel its warmth.  As we drive around the suburbs now, the flowers are blooming and colours are returning.  it has been a COLD and chilly Winter here in Melbourne this year so it is nice to be finally defrosting !


To celebrate the start of Spring, I am joining the Blog-tember Challenge by the Brave Love Blog.  I have made this decision for two reasons:

  1. To stop myself making those gorgeous Farmers Wife 1930s Blocks for the Quilt Along, I have taken the pledge not to start before the 28th September………..
  2. To get myself into a routine of blogging more regularly – wish me luck !!

The prompt for September 1st (aka TODAY) is – Introduce yourself however you like !

So on this beautiful first day of Spring here, I’m taking the plunge.  I can’t guarantee I’ll post each day – but I will give it a go, and try and give each post a “Little Quilting Tweeking”.

sewnbyleanne_behindthescenes_leannephotoThis is me – aka – Leanne behind Sewn by Leanne.

I love to:    create, spend time with our family and friends,  listen and sing to favourite music (to the embarrassment of our children) and am completely passionate about Quilting.  I have recently rekindled my love for Paper Piecing !!

I enjoy:  being happy and living life to the maximum.  I am conservative by nature, so there is nothing rebellious or adventurous in my endeavours, but I do love to give most things a go – on one condition there is NO danger involved !

I am obsessed by:  Quilting, Sewing and most things crafty; being punctual; being kind to everyone – my Mum had a saying – “if someone hurts you – return them with overwhelming kindness, and the hurt will go ” .  This has generally stood me in good stead so far…..

I am passionate about:  our 4 gorgeous children – guiding them and steering them through life with a strong sense of self, faith and love for humanity.  I wish them to be independent, and happy individuals that love life, and a drive to be the best that they can be !!  (I’m a very proud Mum, aren’t I??)



When thinking of a Collage to put together my passions- this is the result – what is important to us.

  • our 4 children
  • our marriage (no photos of Mr B – he doesn’t enjoy social media)
  • our extended family and friends
  • Sewn by Leanne

Sewn by Leanne was created from my love of craft.  Having four children, life gets busy and Creating allows me to have an outlet, and yet still be the full-time Mum I enjoy being for them !!

If one asks me what my style is –  I always find it hard to answer !!  It depends on the project I have at hand – but with a broad generalisation – I would say – traditional with a modern twist.  Sounds like I’m naming a cocktail  😉 .

I often use traditional quilting blocks and give them a modern twist with vibrant modern fabrics !!

The road Sewn by Leanne has travelled so far, has been so exciting and stimulating – I tend to become completely absorbed by it !!  Blogging is a relatively new process, but one I’m SLOWLY getting the hang of…..  One of my sons said the other day “Mum you should be good at blogging – you just write what you talk about – and YOU talk ALOT”  Bless Him !!!

I hope you enjoy finding out more about Sewn by Leanne on this Blog-tember Challenge this Spring !!  Join me in my challenge……… and let me know if there are aspects to Sewn by Leanne that you would love to know about!

Until the 2nd !!

Leanne 🙂 xx


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13 thoughts on “Spring is here !!

  1. Absolutely love your post! Love the way you write (had to laugh at your son’s words; that’s pretty much what mine (9) says to me too!)… that you’re so obviously focused on what’s important to you (a skill few master, I have found). And you’ve got to love a Mum who lets her daughter wear that beautiful rainbow skirt! Look forward to bumping in to you again (and getting to know you better) throughout Blog-tember….Helen

    1. Awwww! Thank you for your kind words !! My daughter loves her rainbow skirt – looks great with her football jumper 😉 looking forward to this challenge !!

  2. Your children are precious!

    1. I’m biased, but our children are beautiful ❤️

  3. Hi Leanne! Nice to meet you. I would love to learn to quilt. It seems like it is such a relaxing past time. I loved this intro! Looking forward to hearing more from you. 🙂

    1. Thank you Faith !!

  4. Great post, really enjoyed reading it. I am addicted to paper craft although I tried quilting several years back. Paper love comes first so I have 4 unfinished quilts lOL.

    1. Love paper art !! I too went through a period of scrapbooking, but alas Quilting has remained my true love. I think all crafters have at least one box of “wips – work in progress” or UFOs ( unfinished objects ) !! X

  5. Hello Leanne!
    You welcomes the spring and I welcomes the fall here in Germany. 🙂 My English is not so good but i´m looking forward to the blogtember-Challenge. 🙂

    best wishes from Germany,

  6. Your kids are darling! Do you have pictures on your blog of some of the quilts you’ve made? I would love to see them if you do!

    1. Thanks Annie – Absolutely I shall be sharing my quilting endeavours during this challenge !

  7. Loved meeting you—can’t wait to see more of your quilting and craft endeavors. Our mamas would have liked each other, I think. When people were mean to me, she would say, “Kill them with kindness”.

    1. Thanks Linda – Yes – I have heard that saying many a time form my Mum too !!

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