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It’s started. Yay


What’s Started ????   Yes, it’s the Farmers Wife Sampler 1930s Quilt-a-long  ……. and Wow !! Everyone has hit the ground running !!

The first Block #12 Becky – was released on Sunday – and WOW !!  Everyone was ready and waiting !!


The second block #16 Bonnie:  was released on Tuesday !!

sewnbyleanne_fqsfarmerswife1930_bonnie_startedThere are so many different colours, fabrics and styles being used by the participants…….everything from polka dots, ultra modern to French General and Country Cottage.

With every block each Quilter creates, it is true, the personality of the block is created by the fabric we choose !!  I can’t wait till we are further on and we start to see the Quilts come to life – each will be different and unique yet created from the same book.   Oooh I have goosebumps just thinking of it !

I’m loving the vibrant colours of the fabrics I have chosen to use for this Quilt…….  And there are a few prints included that I am able to fussy cut along the way !  I’m so glad Angie’s Fat Quarter Bundle included some Terra Australis as the kangaroos have worked really well in the Bonnie Block.

Some Quilter’s are English Paper Piecing, some are Foundation Paper Piecing and others are using Templates  – me – I’m Foundation Paper Piecing as I find this gives me the most accurate cut and a method I am familiar with.  For the majority of the Quilts I create I work with larger blocks, so the challenge of working with smaller pieces to complete the 6.5″ blocks is great !

Thank you Angie (aka GnomeAngel) for this splendid opportunity for Quilters to share their knowledge and connect.  Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Quilter – there is a space for you in this Quilt-a-long.  So many are sharing their knowledge and wealth of experience with novices and getting to know each other – it is very heart warming in today’s world – even if it is through the IT wires !!  Angie has organised this so well I am in AWE of her ORGANISATIONAL ABILITY and her TALENT……… <3 <3  WE really do admire and respect you !!

Tomorrow another Block is released – and many will be created !…..  Each Wednesday I’ll share with you what I have created !  I’d love to know how you are finding the process !

Many blessings for the days ahead,

Leanne xx


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6 thoughts on “It’s started. Yay

  1. Gorgeous fabric choices Leanne

    1. Thanks Vicki !! I love Angie’s fat quarter bundle and the ella blue basics !

  2. Loving seeing your blocks come together. We’re using the same bundle but making completely different choices and I love it. It’s just been so much fun and I can’t wait to see where the year takes us! <3

    1. Thank you Angie, that means so much – I so admire your work – especially your fussy cuts !! IM really enjoying the quilt-a-long and seeing everyone’s take on the same block. Amazing how the fabric changes the block’s personality !! Thank you so much for organising such a fun event. xx

  3. Those three blocks were fun weren’t they? I am feeling like, “oh yeah, I got this!” But not for long… 😉 Just kidding, it will all be fine. Some will just take longer. Your blocks are beautiful.

    1. Haha !! Yep feeling on top of it too at the moment, but I guess once the festive season is here – Im sure to get behind !

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