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The old meets new…


The old meets the new, has been the theme for this week !!

My #QuiltBlockBootCamp has been given the challenge of creating this traditional Cathedral Block.

I have used 5″ squares, as in the Missouri Quilt Company Tutorial which I think made the block a little easier.
sewnbyleanne_cathedralblock_oldmeetsnewI do love the effect the solid kona cotton colours make together as the background.  I used my 5″ charm squares of gilded Japanese fabric for the centres – and the colours are just popping out at you !  This Cathedral block has been on my to do list for a while and I’m so glad Alison gave it to us, as our fortnightly challenge – as now I can say I’ve completed it.  I’m not exactly sure what this WIP will become yet – a cushion cover perhaps or even a centre piece – although it is very bright !!


This is how the blocks looks like together, before you start to topstitch !!  It is a fun block, but can’r say that it will be my favourite.

The following block is where the old meets new – octagonal blocks have been around for many years.  Traditionally they are foundation paper pieced, and were great way to use your scraps.  With todays quilt design programs, octagonal blocks are beaming more and more complex.  This month I have signed up for a work octagonal block swap – and the first block we create our own to show others our desired colour scheme.  So I spent the weekend thinking of what I would use my finished Quilt for – and decided I wanted it to be for my daughter !!  Her favourite colours are pink and red !!  Yay !!  Then I thought of the Ella Blue Basics range – yummy <3


Here is the Octagonal block I have created to show my colour scheme.  I have nominated the grey as my backing fabric !  This Quilt could be red or pink or a combination – it will be fun to open the box at the end of the 12 months to see everyone’s contribution !


The pattern cannot be shared as my work colleague designed it – but is it not BEAUTIFUL <3 <3  It is a stunning block of Ella Basics surrounded by some Tilda love (which we of course all need!).

This will be a long waited WIP !!

Have great week and on the weekend I will show you the beautiful fabrics I have stashed for my Farmers Wife Sampler Quilt – oh exciting – the 28th is getting closer !!

Leanne  xx


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Who am I ??

Who am I ??


At Sewn by Leanne on Facebook today,  we are playing “Who am I?”  Come and Play for 20% off your own Custom Quilt created by Sewn by Leanne.

The lovely lady I collaborated with to create the “Kaleidoscope of Colour Quilt”  is Bec Touzel, and her wonderful small business is B in my Bonnet  !!


Bec’s Couture Peppermint Swirl Skirts and Bonnets are AMAZING !!



I purchased the one above for my daughter for Christmas and she LOVES it !!  It is not only beautiful, but so happy and fun.  She loves twirling in it !!



These Bonnets are simply stunning……… and reversible.

Please pop over to B in my Bonnet Couture and let her know how stunning her creations are !! AND don’t forget to pop your answer under the pinned post at Sewn by Leanne so you  are in the running for 20% OFF your own stunning Custom Quilt created by Sewn by Leanne.

Have lots of fun !!


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A Sewing Machine – my new baby !!


Last week, I was so frustrated with my  sewing machine always pulling fabric and unable to alter it’s stitch length, that I really felt like giving up Ahhhhh!  and few more choice words were said.  Soooooo….. I decided that something had to be done – firstly I asked my lovely sister-in-law if I could borrow her machine (as I knew it stays in the cupboard and is not often invited for a play!).  Megan’s Janome Decor II was so lovely to use……  I completed an order in a third of the time it usually takes me with my Brother……   I was amazed how much time it saved actually having a Sewing Machine that did what you asked it to do.    Thank you, Thank you ………

This stimulated my journey of browsing and researching Sewing machines – looking at numerous reviews – Sew Delicious has published a blog post with great testimonials of other sewers about their machines – well worth a read !! also has great reviews and testimonials from other sewers and Quilters……

Wow, initially I became confused how do you compare all the different machine brands, attachments, stitches and reviews…..  So I started a list !!

  1. Budget – very important and narrows your search significantly depending on the $$$$
  2. What are you going to use you Sewing Machine for ???  Are you a General Sewer, Dressmaker, Handbag/Accessories or Quilter ??? Do you need a lot of Embroidery stitches ?
  3. What attachments do you have ? Will they fit the new Brand/ or Machine ?  Is this relevant  – does the Sewing Machine come with 101 attachments anyway ??  Which Attachments are essential for my sewing ?
  4. Which Stitches are you looking for ?  Practical/ Applique/ Embroidery/ Buttonhole styles
  5. Mechanics:  are they plastic or metal ?
  6. Computerised or not:  does this increase the cost of repairs, parts and servicing !

Once you head into $1000AUD  all the Sewing machines are computerised in some form !!  Does this increase the risk of expensive servicing and repairs ?? Is their a dealer or Repairer near you ??  And which Brands do they service?  This is very important when something goes wrong!!  I have discovered that living in Melbourne, Australia has advantages because there is an authorised Repairer of Janome, Brother, Bernina, Singer, Juki, Husquarvna Viking……. all within 10kms of home !! Yay !!  However this knowledge didn’t help me narrow down my choices 🙁

Janome Skyline S5

After answering all these questions myself I narrowed my choice to the JUKI 600 or the JANOME Skyline S5  .  Why you ask ??

  1. They have a larger than normal throat (Throat is the distance between the needle and the arm.  Normal is 6″)  This is Great for Quilting Large Projects.
  2. General Sewing Machines – that do EVERYTHING !!
  3. Great range of attachments.
  4. Great Range of stitches.
  5. The pressure of the foot can be altered which is great for thick layered sewing e.g..  layers of denim, making handbags/accessories and of course Quilting multiple layers.
  6. Great reputations and reviews of both.

Off I went to test both after drooling over both machines and studying pros and cons of both constantly for days !!

In the end I bought neither of these, not because I don’t like either, which I did !!  But because The JANOME 8200 Memory Craft Quilters Companion was on sale with a table !!

Janomememorycraft8200qc_sewnbyleanneIt is beautiful.  I have had it for 24 hours and still get goosebumps looking it (yes I am a die hard Quilter/ Sewer).   The Janome 8200 Memory Craft Quilters Companion has the features of the Skyline but has an 11″ throat like the Juki.  After 24 hours of using my new machine I don’t really feel I can give you a great review as it will be VERY biased, as the trauma of my dying Brother p53 is still there to compare, but I will and hopefully it will be just as spectacular in a fortnight as it is now.



This is My Machine !!!  Sitting in its table which is lovely and large !!

I hope the questions I pose here help you decide on your new Sewing Machine one day – please share your excitement of your new purchase whether it is in the past/ now/ or somewhere in the future !!  It is a great feeling !!




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Preschool Sheet sets

These Preschool sheet sets have been popular over the last two months.

The standard sets include a cot sized pillowcase, fitted sheet and bag to store these in.  With each set I personalise the bag and the pillowcase.  Your child will always know which mattress is theirs with these lovely sheet sets.


As you can see I appliqué your child’s name to the pillowcase and the bag.  This set includes a cot sized Doona cover (120x100cms) as Harry isn’t quite ready for day care yet.  I have used the les monsiuers Michael Miller Fabric which is beautiful and soft.  The Doona cover is closed with a zip at the base for ease of use and versatility.  I love this fabric as it includes solo many vehicles for the boys – rockets, racing cars and planes,  but unfortunately it is getting quite hard to find in Australia :-(.

I have made many preschool sheet sets for the girls, but this latest one is one of my favourites.  Also made from one of my favourite fabric designers Tanya Whelan.


Again this set includes a fitted sheet, personalised pillowcase and drawstring bag.  In addition my customer asked for a flat sheet to match.  Pink and Hearts (what more could we need on Valentine’s day).

These Preschool sheet sets are versatile and practical, but Beautiful and Unique as well.  If you would like additions to your set just message or email me and let me know !!

A standard Preschool sheet set includes:

  • Cot sized Fitted Sheet
  • Cot sized pillowcase – personalised
  • Drawstring carry bag – personalised

Also Available :

  • Matching Flat sheet
  • Cot Doona cover (120x100cm) with zipper closure.

These sets are designed and Created by myself, so just let me know if you would like any other additions or alterations and I will let you know if these are possible.

These and all other Sewn by Leanne Products are available at and

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A New Home for Sewn by Leanne

Welcome to our new home here at Sewn by Leanne.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, my prior website went down and was not returning with ease……  so here we are rebuilding….  But as always it is much better to look at things with a positive attitude and build a better site and make those changes I’ve been thinking about and not acting upon.

moving-on  So what does 2015 hold for Sewn by Leanne ??   Here are just a few ideas I have jotted down in my notebook during the week

  • Regular Tutorials
  • Participating in the The Bee Hive
  • Inspirational characters
  • Interviews with my favourite bloggers !!
  • Things I have learnt along the way, building Sewn by Leanne.
  • New Products
  • Sewn by Leanne’s favourite creations ???  Can you guess ???

What would you like to see from Sewn by Leanne ???


This is one of my favourite cartoons……..  My blog is all about my endeavours to place smiles on the faces of my readers and the clients who receive my creations.  My travelling is with you… as without those who read my blog……. It is  simply filling in a diary online – so please fell free at anytime to comment and write any feedback you have.

That is terribly reflective, but it has been to journey to get my blog up and running again this last week, through a “couple” of tears, hugs from my children and hubby and chaos during the holidays….  it is BACK.  Yay !!  Now there are lots of smiles and laughter here again and I can go back to sewing and quilting, two of my absolute loves !

Creations that are new to Sewn by Leanne this year, are these gorgeous Girls Handbags:



These gorgeous Little Girls handbags are stunning and each one is One Of A Kind.  Each bag has an unique appliqué on one side and beautiful ruffles on the inside.  It is closed with a recessed zipper.  These bags have been made from the stunning Wee Wanderer range of cotton fabric from Sarah Jane.  Combined with a soft Linen, and fully lined, these are great bags that are large enough to hold a purse, notebook and pencils.

Look out for more here, as I create them…….

Please be patient as I re-create the rest of my website…….. until then all my products can be purchased at  You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Many Blessings,





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